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I decided to make a site about Jacen because the little shit precious bean deserves one. He could never win -- when he was questioning the Force and not using it, people hated him. When he was waxing philosophical, people hated him. "He doesn't do anything, he's such a wimp." Okay, so he goes and becomes a Sith and people hated him. No matter what he did, he was one of the characters that got complained about the most. Yeah, Anakin and Jaina are both badasses (Jacen is too, at points and in his own way) and they're amazing characters, but would it have been good to have three Solo kids with all the same traits? No. So this one got the short end of the stick on every damn account (except he had the best New Jedi Order book, 4real) -- and not only that, but he seems to be the only character not allowed on the TOOT TOOT REDEMPTION TRAIN! Darth Vader was redeemable as was Kyp Durron, but Jacen Solo -- one of the most peaceful, patchouli-smelling, crappy-joke-telling, Dr. Dolittle Jedi -- NOPE, KILL HIM. He did Some Shit™, yeah, I will never deny that (no matter how OOC certain things were, even as an Asshat Sith Lord), but Star Wars always had that underlying sense of love and family and redemption and blah blah and I always felt like other characters didn't even try bringing him back--

HOLY HELL Y'ALL I didn't mean to go on a rant, but to let you know why I love Jacen so much, I had to go through all that.

I mean, I fell in love him in the Young Jedi Knights series because he was a goofy kid who always tried to get his friends to smile. Plus, I love horrible jokes. He was the epitome of the term adorkable. When the New Jedi Order came along, not only did we get him giggling at himself in an iceborer skirt-uniform-thing right from the start, but we got this kickass whole book called TRAITOR featuring him Figuring Himself and Things out -- and then him wearing awesome armor made out of living things (amphistaff armor is the new trend). It's the most Jacen-thing in the universe and it's beautiful.

Basically, I always stood up for him in the early NJO because it was something we had never read about before and seemed very him after the kind of child he had been in the YJK. Come Traitor, I didn't have to bat for him as much anymore since people were seeing THE LIGHT. Then... he went on his five year journey and... Darth Caedus. As much as many of things he did as Caedus (and the fact that they killed him) grated on me time after time, I did enjoy parts of the arc. It was sob-inducing and poetic as shit to see Jacen for a split second again, calling out to save Tenel Ka and their daughter (and it was so him), before succumbing to death. Especially since Jacen was still in there, meaning YOU KNOW MAYBE IF PEOPLE ACTUALLY TRIED TO HELP HE COULD HAVE BEEN REDEEMED. Sorry: Bitter, party of one here. But besides that, I loved the hell out of Caedus for majestic moments such as this:


w h y s y l v a n . . .   

Sylvan was sort of an easy choice for me with Jacen Solo. The site used to be called Viridity (which you can read about more in the in-depth section) and when I knew I wanted to revamp it a bit and reboot it, I thought it needed a new name. I was also planning on doing the same with the Tenel Ka site and the Jacen Solo/Tenel Ka sites I also used to run -- revamping & rebooting -- so I figured they needed new names too. I looked for words related to nature for both and sylvan was the one that stuck out for me re: Jacen.

I know it doesn't fit him for Caedus as much (neither did Viridity -- although that name was chosen well before Caedus XD), but I always assocated Jacen with nature. Not only because of the color green, but how alive nature in general is -- and Jacen, who cared for every living thing under the sun, also spent a lot of time outside.

There's also this whole thing about Tenel Ka's site name being water/sea related and the J/TK site name being earth + water related and then Caedus gets all fire related -- ONE DAY I'LL WRITE AN ESSAY ABOUT IT.


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