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Here are a couple people who either A.) could've been used as artist's inspirations as Jacen was being drawn. Or B.) could totally pass for Jacen Solo in some sort of live-action form of the EU. Obviously the drawings are Jacen and the pictures are the victims subjects. If you have someone you use as a fancasting for Jacen and want to submit it, send it here and include the name of the actor/person/whoever as well as why you chose them (if they resemble a certain image of Jacen or you use them in an RP game or whatever! :D)~

subject A » River Phoenix;

Let's travel back in time to when I had the most ridiculous TWO FANDOM WORLDS COLLIDING moment. 

Fancasting was always an amusing thing to do (and still is ♥) and River Phoenix had been my Jacen Solo since the days I started the NJO. When Dark Tide: Ruin was released in Japan -- and when the cover hit the internet -- I looked at it and told myself "nah, it's just me." But when I showed my sister and she said, "What the hell is River Phoenix doing on that cover?" I was glad I wasn't just seeing things. Then the Japanese cover for Agents of Chaos: Jedi Eclipse came along and I had the same reaction. Basically the same thing happened again.

It was possible that Tsuyoshi Nagano, the cover artist for the Japanese NJO releases, thought he might be a good inspiration for one of Han's sons because of his connection with Harrison Ford. Not only did he play Ford's son in the 1986 movie The Mosquito Coast, but he also played young Indiana Jones in the flashback at the beginning of 1989's Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Wikipedia (see also: the whole internet) isn't always a reliable source, but I'm gonna trust the Indiana Jones wiki here: "Ford personally recommended Phoenix for the part, citing that of all the young actors working at the time, River Phoenix was the one who looked the most like himself when he was around that age. Ford had also offered advice to Phoenix on how to stay grounded in the high pressure world of Hollywood, and was reportedly grief-stricken when he heard of Phoenix's death four years later in 1993."


⇝ River Phoenix also played the titular character in a movie called "A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon." Jason Court was also in this movie and he is the man who played Kyle Katarn in the Star Wars video game Dark Forces.

⇝ River Phoenix was also used by Mike Sutfin as visual inspiration for Garik "Face" Loran's image in the New Essential Guide to Characters. STAR WARS CONNECTIONS, AHOY!

If you'd like more info on River Phoenix, check out Rio's Attic.

subject B » Jared Padalecki;

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away in the year 2005, I caught the first episode of a show called Supernatural. Right from the get-go I thought that the guy that played Sam (who was the little brother, in this case) could work for Jacen. I do that with lots of people though so I didn't really think anything of it until I watched the show more. Not only does he have the looks, but his character on SPN, Sam Winchester, goes through all kinds of hell (Literally?) in ways similar to Jacen. He can play both good and extremely evil really well so that takes care of Jacen and Caedus. There are also parts like this/things Sam does in Supernatural of this sort, so it already works itself out. ;)

Over the years, I've seen edits and fancastings and such pop up with Jared as Jacen and every time I see it, I get really giddy. Supernatural is long-running show and screens/gifs of Jared/Sam are plentiful, especially where he could pass as Jacen so the edits and stuff are always a joy to see. Plus, Sam Winchester does the whole "I have to save everyone" thing. And I keep swearing that one day I'm going to write an essay comparing Sam & Jacen's journies. ONE DAY. Below you'll find a collection of posts from tumblr with Jared as Jacen in some form! (I want to hug everyone in this screenshot! :D)

[ Click to enlarge! ]

MEGA SUPER LOVE AND PROPS to tumblr user directors-eyes for making the gif below! You can see the post in the collage above but below is the gif from that post in all it's glory! Jared looks right at home with a green lightsaber.

For more information on Jared, head over to Jared Padalecki Online.

subject C » Jonathan Taylor Thomas;

You might remember this ~teen heartthrob~ from Home Improvement. When I saw the cover of the Young Jedi Knights book (and I know I'm not the only one), Trouble on Cloud City, I instantly thought of little JTT. He really looks like him on that certain cover, right down to the half-smirk. If you'd like more info on Jonathan Taylor Thomas, check out jttarchive.

subject D » Ethan Hawke;

Ethan Hawke was spotted by the grand Jedi Freac. She's a big Ethan fan and she noticed the dead-on likeness of him and our Jedi boy on the cover of New Jedi Order: Traitor. Hawke has been in such movies as Great Expectations and Gattaca. For more information on Ethan Hawke go to imdb.

subject E » Kevin Zegers;

This one was sent in by swphreek! Said sender mentions how perfect Kevin's hair is for Jacen, and I wholeheartedly agree. I always thought Kevin would be good for either Solo boy -- he just has that perfect SMIRK about him. For more information on Kevin Zegers, stop by the KZ tumblr.

subject F » Brandon Routh;

Nora sent this one to me, and it didn't strike me until she pointed it out. The jawline and the eyes are especially a huge yesssssss. And you know Jacen = Superman, come on. Muahah, you had to know that was coming, right? XD If you'd like to get more info on Brandon Routh, check out brandonrouth.com.

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