f a m i l y . . .   

First up, his relationships with his family members. And this is Jacen and Jacen alone. Many of these change drastically when it comes to Caedus. I'm sure you can figure out how they all feel about him during the Legacy of the Force series. Maybe one day I'll get to a whole 'nother section on that. One day.


Leia - mother - He got her kind/caring attitude and her sense of peace, if you know what I mean. They seem to have a stronger bond than Jacen does with his father because he and Leia share more common interests. Leia views Jacen as a boy just trying to find his way. There are many instances where Jacen will follow her to political meetings and the like -- either as an observer, a son, a Jedi or a bodyguard. Sometimes all of the above. One of the later post-NJO books shows Jacen sending his mother a message through time by using something he learned on his five-year jaunt around the galaxy. Always learning, that's my boy.


Han - father - He has a hard time understanding his son sometimes, but he loves him nonetheless. Han cares a lot for all of his children and he seems skeptical at first when Leia tells him that Jacen is coming back (after Tratior) but he believes her and it all works out. They have a nice reunion and you can tell Han is very proud of his oldest son. Even though he gets a little wary once Jacen comes back after five years, sporting a beard and an even more slightly disturbing outlook on his powers. Oh, and Han notices Jacen is good with kids -- and exclaims that he and Leia let him have too many weird pets when he was a kid. Nah, come on, Dr. Doolittle, that one. In Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines, Han says he disowns Jacen after what Jacen pulled with Ailyn Vel.


Anakin - younger brother - He and Jacen sit on opposite sides of the fence when it comes to the Force. During many instances in the NJO, they are seen arguing over what the Force should be used for and what Jedi really are. Anakin thinks it's a tool, like a hammer -- while Jacen thinks there's something more that it's used for. It hits Jacen hard when Anakin dies, but not as hard as it hits his sister.


Jaina - twin sister - She was born a whole whopping FIVE minutes ahead of him and they share a special bond in the Force because they're twins. It's been like a crutch to both of them since they were very young and when Jacen cuts off the bond, Jaina thinks he's dead. They both survive without it but still find themselves wondering what their other half is doing. For more info on the Solo twins relationship, scroll to the bottom of this here section where Jaina gets a whole one to herself!


Allana - daughter - One of Jacen's main reasons for falling to the Dark Side, Allana is his daughter with Tenel Ka (another reason for falling to the Dark Side). Their relationship is interesting, since her father's identity is known to no one but Jacen and Tenel Ka, not even Allana herself (until Caedus later tells her). When he tells her about being her father, she seems to already know/have figured it anyways -- either due to the Force or how close he and her mother were. My feels are squeezed to death whenever she calls him Jedi Jacen or we get to actually see him being a Dad (or dad-like). Which is pretty damn rare.


Chewbacca - "uncle" - Chewie and Jacen had a good relationship -- Chewie was great with all the Solo kids, really. He was like an uncle to them. In New Jedi Order: Vector Prime Chewie and Jacen had a cute exchange about how Chewie thinks all the kids are the same. It depressed the kids when he died. But it depressed Han way more then any of them could imagine.


Luke - uncle - Luke and Jacen have a strong relationship. Luke is Jacen's uncle and he likes the way Jacen thinks re: getting all intellectual about the Force. Jacen is an important asset to the way Luke views the Force when Jacen gets back from his captivity. In Dark Nest: The Joiner King, Luke wonders exactly what Jacen has learned and tries to read his nephew -- all while scolding him about playing with that damn brain mapper.


Mara - aunt - She always believes that Jacen is going to grow old and become a hermit like Obi-Wan and Yoda and live in a little hut in the middle of nowhere (a la Dagobah & Tatooine). She believes in him but is a bit wary of his ways with the Force, especially after he returned from his five year Force Field Trip. There are many instances when the strong-willed Mara Jade Skywalker gets creeped out by Jacen and his suddenly creepy Solo grin (seriously it's one of my favorite things -- I need to find it and put it in the quote section). And I'm not even going to get into the whole he-goes-dark-side-and-kills-her-thing.


Ben - cousin - the two of them are actually shown interacting in Dark Nest: The Joiner King -- Ben points out that Jacen left when he was two. They haven't seen each other in five years, but Ben seems to know exactly what Jacen was doing and asks, "Did you find it?" Later, Jacen takes Ben off to go get something to drink and they seem to be closer than expected for having not seen each other in forever. In the Legacy of the Force series, Jacen is Ben's Master and the two share many amusing scenes together. Amusing quickly turns to horrific when Jacen Caedus starts using him to further his own agenda with the Galactic Alliance Guard and his plans to "save the galaxy"~


j a i n a. . .   

Throughout the Young Jedi Knights series and the New Jedi Order, Jacen and Jaina showed an incredible amount of skill in the Force with their special "twin bond". (WONDER TWIN POWERS! ACTIVATE!) The bond grows and changes over the course of their fictional (yet addicting) lives but it stills stays as strong as it can. Awwww, family and all that. ♥

While Jacen got his mother's attitude -- calm and caring, Jaina got her father's. Jaina has the same interests as Han, especially when it comes to all things mechanical. She's also brash like him and very upfront. Jacen is more peaceful and less outgoing, in a way. Oh, and we can't forget that Jaina is the older sibling. She was born a mere five minutes before Jacen.

While their little brother Anakin doesn't share the twin bond he is also very close to the two and it comes as a shock to the twins when he dies. It's also a very huge blow to their connection. They disagree a lot after Anakin's death and as Jaina had her slip with the Dark Side, the bond wavered and a little after that is when Jacen finally broke it off. Which was good for both of them. It kept her from his ordeals with the Yuuzhan Vong AND Jacen didn't have to deal with the intense pain she was going through. Although, come on Jacen, you could have left a note or something. Still alive, bbs. THE HOLONET ISN'T HARD TO USE. ;)

After Jacen gets back from his captivity, Jaina avoids him. She's afraid that he will be angry at her for her little vacation to the dark side. He's not. He understands. In New Jedi Order: Destiny's Way Jaina (and others) are being used as bait for the Yuuzhan Vong and Jacen gets this crazy-ass idea in his head to go save her himself, even though she doesn't need the help. Vergere ends up dying and Jacen ends up getting ambushed. He doesn't help her at all. But it's the thought that counts, I guess, right?

Also during the New Jedi Order is the play on twins/gods. Twins are held in high regard in Yuuzhan Vong culture because they represent two of their gods. Jaina plays up to the Trickster Goddess Yun-Harla, which makes Jacen Yun-Yammka, who is the Slayer God. A very fitting fit after New Jedi Order: Traitor. The Yuuzhan Vong want to hold the twin ceremony where one kills the other and all that jazz but it ends up not happening. (Yet.)

By the end of the series, the two are chuckling together and speaking about each others lives like old times. Neither gets seriously hurt, but Jaina got to kill Tsavong Lah and Jacen got to off Onimi, the real evil behind the Yuuzhan Vong. Everything seems like it's ready to be rebuilt and and everyone's ready to get relationships mended, yeah? But next up, we see them when they're five years older.

When we see our twins five years later, they're split apart -- Jacen on his five year journey to discover the ways of the Force and so on. Jaina has a thought about this whole situation and exclaims inwardly that sometimes it seems like she has a totally different brother everyday, because of his changes and mental patterns. This sounds about right since someone who never seemed like a danger was about to start slipping. Identity crisis, aisle 6. Jacen starts getting quite creepy in Dark Nest: The Joiner King as well.

Sadly, all this twin bond build-up ended with Jaina killing Jacen at the end of the Legacy of the Force series, after his actions as Caedus had deemed him, for some reason, someone who could not at all be saved. She, along with all the others in her family, decided he needed to die instead and made feeble attempts at slapping the Caedus out of Jacen and bringing him back to where he belonged. So basically, Vader is redeemable, Kyp Durron is redeemable, but Caedus isn't. At the end of the twin section, I have to say the Solo twins kind of let me down (everyone did, really hahahah) and it seems like the Solos and Skywalkers have lost the definition of family. :|


f r i e n d s . . .   

Lowbacca is Chewbacca's nephew. He went to the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV and trained to become a Jedi. That was where he met the Solo twins and they all went on their crazy adventures. During the New Jedi Order, Lowbacca spent more time with Jaina than Jacen, so they didn't have much interaction -- which was kind of true for the Young Jedi Knights series as well. He spent a lot of time with Jaina then too, both sharing their love of tinkering with mechanical things. He and Jacen seemed to get along perfectly though when they were together. In a way, Lowie looks after the twins like Chewie always looked out for Han.



Zekk was another buddy from the Academy days. Jacen and his sister helped Zekk steer clear of the Dark Side, which he later learned to stay away from himself. The two became good friends and Jacen definitely talked to Zekk a lot later. Especially during the strike team mission to Myrkr and afterwards, when he spoke to Zekk after the knighting ceremony. Zekk, who took a dip in the Dark Side himself, doesn't hesitate to get high and mighty re: Jacen's drop to the Dark Side later. Oh Zekk, stop complaining and help. (shh i love zekk but i'll always be bitter about the lame ass attempts by people on occasion to defeat caedus w/o losing jacen)



Tahiri is practically another Solo child now. Best friend and childhood love to Jacen's little brother, Tahiri and Jacen share a bond that relates to the fact that they both spent time with the Yuuzhan Vong. While Jacen can feel no pain, it's shown in Dark Nest: The Joiner King that Tahiri is almost the same way, but sometimes she craves it. I can't even bring myself to get into the shit he pulls with Tahiri's mind when he's Caedus, IT'S JUST FFFFFFF. The stuff he does to Ben and Tahiri as Caedus are reasons why his fall didn't seen plausible to me. The wanting to protect Allana and all that -- okay, but some of the things he did to supposedly help his plan were just like... I know he's supposed to be OMG EVIL N DARK SIED but there had to be other ways to do it. Okay, I think I'm done with my rant now. Maybe.


l o v e . . .   
Here's the section on Jacen's love interests. One of them probably shouldn't be considered a love interest. But I put her in here since she was a close friend and very important to Jacen?? Heheheehhehe.

Tenel Ka.

Tenel Ka Djo was Jacen's long-time pal. They met at Uncle Luke's Jedi Academy where their friendship grew over time. In a nasty lightsaber training accident (TK's fault due to her rushed/faulty lightsaber build), Jacen sliced off Tenel Ka's arm. He's always held that guilt inside of him and he always blamed himself for it -- even though she always told him it was her fault.

The cute little semi-couple in the Young Jedi Knights series and a who-the-hell-knows in the New Jedi Order (thanks to dueling author opinions on his love life, I guess?), left people wondering just where Tenel Ka would end up in Jacen's life at the end of the NJO and beyond. Parts in the series showed that Tenel Ka cared for Jacen more than even Jaina could imagine, but did Jacen care for her the same way?

Dark Nest: The Joiner King came along and gave us a meaty chapter full of Jacen and Tenel Ka. He goes to visit her to ask for a fleet/help with the galactic problem at hand and he ends up staying the night. There were people saying that they were using each other (him to get the fleet, her to make her suitors jealous) -- but others who had read the YJK and know the background of these two say that "they always banter like that" and "they would never use each other like that, especially because of the way they feel about each other" ... so there was that debate. There was also the debate of who was going to have the rumored baby in the Dark Nest trilogy. A lot of signs pointed to Miss Tenel Ka -- after the fact that Jacen spent the night with her and Han's mention of how Jacen was "good with kids"...

Both of those debates were put to rest once the Dark Nest Trilogy was fully released. In the second book, Tenel Ka and Jacen flat out tell Ben they are in love and they always have been and now they're parents! Tenel Ka had a baby and right after Jacen was introduced to the kid -- who is only a week old at this point -- (and who didn't have a name until the next series), the new parents had to fight off an attempt on her life (thanks Ta'a Chume). Now, into Legacy of the Force territory, the child is still alive and kicking, her name is Allana (named after both Tenel Ka's grandmother, Allaya, and Jacen's late brother, Anakin) and she has her mommy's looks. Awww, Jacen has a little spawn. He was traveling on a pretty fine line for a good while, with Lumiya telling him he needed to sacrifice what he loves most to become a full Sith and save the galaxy.

He takes his new name after killing Mara Jade Skywalker and later, once Tenel Ka finally takes Hapes off of the Galactic Alliance's side, Jacen -- now Caedus -- realizes that Allana is the only person left who still loves him. And he would kill anyone who gets in the way of them, even Tenel Ka.

By the end of the series, once he's too far removed from his smarts, Caedus and his twin sister, Jaina, have their last set of battles. No one bothers to try and redeem him and as his sister is in the middle of fatally stabbing him, he calls out through the Force to Tenel Ka to warn her of the approaching dangers she and Allana will be facing. He basically saves them both from an attempt on their lives. He had a choice -- he could've saved the two of them in that moment or taken the brief moment to fatally wound his sister and he chose Tenel Ka and Allana. In the end, Jacen got his last har har and called out to Tenel Ka, cause you know, he cared about family, unlike his sister and his parents. Ohhhhhhhh, still bitter about LotF, party of one. (If you want my true feelings about Tenel Ka, you can read this powerpoint presentation I made about her.)


Danni Quee.

Danni Quee was Jacen's older woman interest. She was a scientist for the New Republic. Jacen saved her from Yuuzhan Vong captivity very early in the NJO and he had a small crush on her afterwards. She said they should just be friends and he accepted that quietly, the relationship falling off of the radar until much later in the series. (I guess, when he was legal everything changed and she suddenly wanted more? I mean, that's what the timing made it look like.)

She was absent from Jacen's presence until New Jedi Order: Destiny's Way, when the two went diving together during Jacen's vacation. The scenes looked strictly friend-related, but it seemed to be turning into more during the Force Heretic trilogy. Throughout the FH series, Danni kept letting Jacen know how she felt about him, and Jacen kept acting oblivious towards it. Because Jacen.

By the end of the NJO, Jacen seemed to shrug off mention of her casually, claiming to Jaina that 'he knows where she'll be' -- and Danni realized she didn't love him, the one line from her perspective closing the book on any romantic relationship:

"She owed her life to Jacen, and at one point had come close to falling in love with him."



Vergere was Jacen's mentor/teacher and also could be considered a student/friend. She met Jacen in Star by Star and from there they had a very rocky relationship.

Her constant riddles and crazy talk left Jacen utterly helpless in Traitor, until he realized that her crazy sort of made sense and then he owned everyone and a lot of Vong... but that's another story.

By the end of Traitor she proved to be a useful ally and an even better friend. After her death in Destiny's Way, Vergere talked to Jacen like Obi-Wan talked to Luke. And she still played an important role in Jacen's life and shaping later when he started down the Sithly path with Lumiya.


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