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All the writings and such! If you have any pieces of fanfiction you want to submit, please send the link to me here! These are split up by era, all link to outside sources and if there's a description for the story, it comes from the author's page itself. Enjoy!

New Republic Era

Children Aren't Stupid - by Nilenium
‣ Anakin, Jaina and Jacen worry about their missing Dad and try to do something about it.

Evicted - by Lyraeinne
‣ "Maybe it's because I'm a girl?" she ventured at last. She handed the chocolate back to Jacen and wiped the greasy residue on her pants. "I mean, they didn't ask Anakin either."

The Nursery Verse - a series by philthestone
‣ Han and Leia decide to build a nursery in the Falcon. Things progress from there.

Young Jedi Knights

Pretty soon now you're gonna get older - by sabrina
‣ A day in Jaina Solo's celebration of the festival of life (set between the end of YJK series and Vector Prime).

New Jedi Order

A Coin of Two Faces - by Gamemakers
‣ Jacen and Jaina. Yun-Yammka and Yun-Harla. The Yuuzhan Vong intended to destroy the Solo twins, but instead, they created gods.

Sleep - by Lyraeinne
‣ Anakin can't seem to get to sleep. Jacen offers to help. Sort of.

Legacy of the Force

From the Inside Out - by LadyOfAvalon
‣ Somewhere deep down, Jacen Solo is still there watching. He knows what a monster he has become.

Unsheathed - by Blisterdude
‣ The time for Jaina to face down Caedus one last time has come, but some swords, once drawn, are hard to put away. And nobody is invincible.


Family Portrait - by hexterah (that's me)
‣ A couple years after her daughter had to kill what her oldest son had become, Leia finds something she had forgotten about that she had stashed away.

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