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Playlists/fanmixes/whatever you want to call them have always been really fun things to put together/hear! Especially if you listen to music all the time like I tend to do when I'm working on anything, or sitting around, or writing OR WHATEVER.

If you have a Jacen/Caedus playlist (or a Jacen/Caedus-related playlist -- Jacen & Jaina, Jacen/Tenel Ka, etc.) and you want to add it to this list, send me a link to it/the info here! The playlists below are a mix of my own and ones I've come across on other websites -- they'll be labeled accordingly. :) I hope you enjoy them!

» Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus;

Through the Lands of the Dead -- a Traitor fanmix [by nymja]

» Jacen Solo & Jaina Solo;

Ballad for Dead Friends [by masterjaina]

The Dark & The Light [by gwendylyon]

» Jacen Solo + Tenel Ka Djo;

I'm Giving Up on You [by lusilly]

» Playlists By Me;

The Everafter -- a Darth Caedus fanmix

Near To You -- a Jacen Solo/Tenel Ka Djo fanmix [YJK/NJO]

Shadow's Pulse -- a Jacen Solo/Tenel Ka Djo fanmix [Dark Nest]

The Downfall -- a Jacen Solo/Tenel Ka Djo fanmix [Legacy of the Force]

Tell Me Life Is Beautiful / Never Fall Away --
a post-Legacy of the Force Jacen Solo/Tenel Ka Djo

HEY. -- a Jacen Solo musical (Coming soon!)


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