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All the pieces here have either been sent to me or placed in this gallery with permission from the artist (except for the last one, explanation below XD). If you have any pieces of fanart you want featured in this gallery, go ahead and shoot me an email here! If you have art on here and want to change your name or add/change a link you can send me an email at that address as well! (And if you're looking for Jacen/Tenel Ka art, check out Petrichor!)

‣ by Zekk

‣ by Leah

‣ by FalconFan

‣ by DarthJudicare

‣ by saith100

‣ Jacen's saber by Edward

I love this. <3 It's a picture of EMO!JACEN she drew when we joked about it once~!
‣ by angel gidget

‣ by Todd-the-fox

‣ by Brett

‣ by Zion

‣ by Nihm

‣ by Todd

‣ by Your_Worshipfulness

‣ by Shea

‣ by Michelle

‣ by Jedi Freac

‣ by unknown! This was found randomly -- it's screenshots of a Jacen Jedi Academy skin. I'm putting it here because I would love to know who made it so I can worship the artist properly. It's so awesome. And it was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away when I found it for the first time -- well before Jacen actually fell to the dark side! XD

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