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Yay images! Some of the pictures might be featured in the special two galleries that are last -- so if you're looking for a certain picture and it's not where you think it should be, check section G & H below. XD


BABIES EVERYWHERE! Well, okay, actually just two of them. You can't really tell which one is which, so Jacen is ONE of those two kids. XD You can check out details on this card in the merch section.

In this one, from The Essential Chronology, I totally think he's the little pudgy one WITH THE SOLO SMIRK.
[illustration by Bill Hughes]

The Solo twins being a handful, as usual. Poor Winter. From the comic Dark Empire II 6: Hand of Darkness.
[illustration by Cam Kennedy]

The Solo twins being a handful and (not) listening to Threepio, as usual. This is a panel from the comic Empire's End 2: Rage of the Emperor.
[illustration by Jim Baikie]

Like usual in this case, he's one of those two kids. I'm assuming the dorkier of the two/the one reaching for the animal. From the comic Empire's End 2: Rage of the Emperor.
[illustration by Jim Baikie]

Anakin's expression in this panel is killing me. This is from the story "The Others" in Star Wars Tales #16.
[illustration by John McCrea / coloring by Giulia Brusco]

The Solo family. I'm gonna go with him being the smirky devious one that Han is holding. From Handbook 3: Dark Empire.
[illustration by Andrew Robinson / coloring by Dave Nestelle]

Little Jacen guarding his uncle's body from le dark side during the Jedi Academy Trilogy in this illustration from The Essential Reader's Companion.
[illustration by Chris Scalf]

A picture of the Solo kids being the adorable brats they are from the comic Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost 1. I love how Jacen and Jaina's outfits slightly match but not straight up dressing twins in the same thing match.
[illustration by Paul Gulacy]

Jacen being a little asshat child in issue #4 of Chewbacca. The bottom left image on this page (you can see it in the full size image) of Han pulling him down is my absolute favorite. Look at his face.
[illustration by Dusty Abell / inks by Jim Royal / coloring by Dave Nestelle]

Baby Jacen works his Solo charm on Syal in Union at his Uncle and Aunt's wedding -- complete with Mirax freaking out and snarky Booster in the background.
[illustration by Robert Teranishi / coloring by Chris Chuckry]

This picture from Union just screams "HAR HAR LOOK AT US HOLDING LIGHTSABERS!" Whose lightsabers were they holding here -- they hadn't made theirs yet, right? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW.
[illustration by Robert Teranishi / coloring by Chris Chuckry]

This one -- also from Union -- also has a touch of dorky child to it. But it's that little dork we love, so it's okay.
[illustration by Robert Teranishi / coloring by Chris Chuckry]

The last image in this gallery from Union, this one is so very Jacen that it's actually kind of creepy. This is little Jacen reminding me of Dark Nest Jacen who plays with the brain mappers to the point where Uncle Luke tells him to quit being creepy.
[illustration by Robert Teranishi / coloring by Chris Chuckry]

An image from The Essential Reader's Companion, this one shows us a moment out of the Corellian Trilogy where the twins and Anakin are getting into trouble (and saving the day -- two things they somehow manage to do at the same time... a lot).
[illustration by Jeff Carlisle]



The picture from the Solo twins' entry in The Essential Guide to Characters. Apparently, they weren't important enough to each get their own yet. XD
[illustration by Michael Butkus]

Snarky, smirky little jumpsuited Jacen from his entry in the Star Wars Encyclopedia. This picture is pretty adorable and the fact that he's in his nature setting while his sister is in her mechanical setting in her image. Darling.

This trading card, from the Star Wars Finest set, shows us Mr. Animal fiend himself -- and it even shows us JACEN PLAYING WITH HIS CRYSTAL SNAKE! lololol i'm sorry i'm the worst. You can find out more about this card in the merch section.
[illustration by Joe Phillips]

Thanks to my other half/twin, Linh, for this very good scan of this shiny trading card also from the Star Wars Finest set. Jacen being cloaked (and emo, as always) on the steps of the Temple of Doom. You can find out more about this card in the merch section.
[illustration by Dan Brereton]

An image from The Essential Chronology, here's an action shot of Lowbacca & Anja with Jacen prepped for battle behind them.
[illustration by Bill Hughes]

Jacen and Jaina at the Academy from The Essential Guide to the Force. Awww, look at them all buddy-buddy. What happened? XD
[Illustration by Chris Trevas]

Another YJK-era image of little troublemakers Jacen & Jaina from The Essential Chronology.
[illustration by Bill Hughes]

Jacen and Tenel Ka from The New Essential Chronology. I was so excited when I first saw this image (well, first cause it was Jacen & Tenel Ka, let's be real) because it was another image where TK's lack of a left arm was actually shown!
[Illustration by John Van Fleet]

An image of the whole Young Jedi/Junior Jedi Knights crew from The Essential Reader's Companion! EVEN EM-TEEDEE.
[Illustration by Chris Scalf & Joe Corroney]



Heirs of the Force Shadow Academy The Lost Ones Lightsabers
Darkest Knight Jedi Under Siege Shard of Alderaan Diversity Alliance
Delusions of Grandeur Jedi Bounty The Emperor's Plague Return to Ord Mantell
Trouble on Cloud City Crisis at Crystal Reef

These need no real explanation, ya know? You just want to pinch his stupid cheeks. Especially in the last couple where he's doing that smarmy-ass little lopsided Solo smirk. Gotta love the Solo family.
[All YJK covers illustrated by Dave Dorman]



Looking pretty and shoving some tools with the Force, this is the book where we learn Jaina is still really, really damn short -- The New Essential Guide to Characters.
[illustration by Michael Sutfin]

Here's the Solo/Skywalker fam, complete with Jacen in a flightsuit, from The New Jedi Order Sourcebook. A particularly emo shot of him which is perfect and majestic for the NJO era.
[Illustration by Tommy Lee Edwards]

Anakin, Jacen and Jaina during Vector Prime, from The Essential Guide to the Force. They're using their super awesome Force-bond to bust stuff up. Sorry Lando!
[illustration by Chris Trevas]

Flashback to Jacen still looking all young and innocent in The Essential Atlas.
[illustration by Chris Trevas]

Jacen's card from his awesome tiny miniature figure. To see the actual figure, check out the merch section! (Anyone have any idea who illustrated the cards for these miniatures? I can't find the info! D:)

I swear that's a picture of River Phoenix. With orange on it. Oh yeah, and it's from the back of the Balance Point hardcover. There's an explantion in Section G (below) of the Jacen-reasoning. XD
[Illustration by Cliff Nielsen]

Jacen finally deciding to use the Force again in Balance Point again Tsavong Lah, when his mom's life was threatened. I love the attention to detail re: Jacen & Leia's shaved heads since all that quarantine fun was going on at this point in the story. From The Essential Reader's Companion.
[Illustration by Chris Scalf]

An image of the Solo kids kicking ass from The Essential Guide to Warefare. P.S. The Yuuzhan Vong are creepy.
[Illustration by Chris Scalf]

This is his "I'm totally focusing on a really hard question about the meaning of life, plz leave me alone" shot from the Insider article, Who's Who in the New Jedi Order in issue #57.

The final cover of Traitor, logo and all. He's all angsty yet again -- it's perfect. And the cover wasn't of captive!torn-up!Jacen, so I am quite content.
[Illustration by Steven D. Anderson]

The shot on the binding of Traitor, same except the logo isn't blocking out his disturbingly perfect hair. *whisper* It's majestic.
[Illustration by Steven D. Anderson]

The picture on the box of Jacen Solo's action figure(!!!) -- he's all little and green and his action figure is covered in amphistaffs! Which is pretty badass. For more information on it (and more photos!), check out the merch section!

Jacen tags along with Mara and Luke to meet Soontir Fel and the Chiss on Csilla in this image from the The Essential Reader's Companion.
[Illustration by Darren Tan]

The cover of The Unifying Force, ohemgee. He got a cover and it wasn't a OH NO YOU DIDN'T or a HI THIS IS MY CROTCH! Yay for Jasa!
[Illustration by Cliff Nielsen]

An awesome image of Luke, Jacen & Jaina squaring off against Supreme Overlord Shimrra and his crew from The Essential Reader's Companion. Does Jacen wash that jumpsuit? I hope so.
[Illustration by Darren Tan]

A sketch of Jacen fighting Onimi -- the final would be for The Essential Guide to the Force and can be seen below.
[Illustration by Tommy Lee Edwards]

The final version of the above picture for The Essential Guide to the Force. Many more explosions and more fire! Also, Jaina in the background.
[Illustration by Tommy Lee Edwards]


NJO: INVASION (comic images);

The snark from this boy in these comics is beautiful. Also, why does he get shafted and put at the edge of panels half the time. :|
[illustrations by Colin Wilson / coloring by Wes Dzioba]


NEW JEDI ORDER (Japanese Covers);

The Solo childrens all battle-ready on the cover of The New Essential Chronology.
[Illustration by Tsuyoshi Nagano]

Anakin and Jacen being all serious and pink (and hot, ofc -- also Jacen being all River Phoenix) on the cover of Agents of Chaos: Jedi Eclipse.
[Illustration by Tsuyoshi Nagano]

Anakin and Jacen again. This time it's on the cover of Dark Tide: Ruin. This time they're actually doing something though besides looking incredibly wangsty. And they're blue instead of pink.
[Illustration by Tsuyoshi Nagano]

Elvis lives! Well, in the form of Jacen Solo. It's the hair. Or the expression -- or both. Seriously, Elvis Solo -- on one of the covers of Star by Star.
[Illustration by Tsuyoshi Nagano]

Traitor. Jacen's looking the other way! This cover also features the totally dead sexy amphistaff armor + skirt. I WILL ALWAYS BE FOREVER GRATEFUL THAT WE GOT ART OF AMPISTAFF JACEN! YASSSSSSSSS.
[Illustration by Tsuyoshi Nagano]

Snarky Solo-grinning Jacen on the Force Heretic: Remnant cover. And there's that unstoppable hair again. No matter what it's always perfect. How does he do it?
[Illustration by Tsuyoshi Nagano]

Just had to be emo and give us another profile shot, yeah? Maybe he thinks that's his good side. -- Force Heretic: Refugee.
[Illustration by Tsuyoshi Nagano]

First it was blue, then pink, now green! He's in his element on the Force Heretic: Reunion cover. For some reason the way he's in midstep makes this image ten times cooler than it could have been. Seriously. AND THE HAIR. AGAIN.
[Illustration by Tsuyoshi Nagano]

On one of the two covers of The Unifying Force, it looks like a lightsaber is growing out of his head. It's not, no worries. Although it might be messing up his hair -- and we can't have that.
[Illustration by Tsuyoshi Nagano]



The Japanese cover for Dark Nest: The Joiner King has Jacen with stubble (GASP!) and looking mighty rugged in a StealthX flightsuit.
[Illustration by Tsuyoshi Nagano]

Wow! Baby gets his own cover! :O He's looking mighty determined and yes, Sir Angstalot on the cover for Legacy of the Force: Betrayal.
[Illustration by Jason Felix]

Some of the concept pieces, layout ideas and thought processes by Mr. Felix for the Legacy of the Force: Betrayal cover that came before the final one which you can see above.
[Illustrations by Jason Felix]

One of the most amazing images to come out of the Expanded Universe, this is from The Essential Reader's Companion and is a look at the A+ dinner from Betrayal w/ the Skywalker/Solo clan. And Zekk. Who might as well be one of them.
[Illustration by Chris Scalf]

ooooooohHHHHHH le gasp! This was our first official look at Darth Caedus, Sith eyes and all, on the cover of Legacy of the Force: Revelation. His eyes look badass.
[Illustration by Jason Felix]

Mister Darth Caedus at Mara Jade's funeral looking angsty and mad from The Essential Guide to the Force. He looks like such a bitter little boy. NO ONE INVITED U, CAEDUS. :|
[Illustration by Chris Trevas]

This is the card that goes with the Legacy of the Force Darth Caedus miniature. Cloaks on Sith are totally overrated, yo -- or maybe this was after he got rid of his cloak since it betrayed him. Check out images of the miniature in the merch section!

A picture of Caedus from The Essential Atlas. This has to be one of the best pictures of Jacen/Caedus out there. Look at the smirk! It's a dark side version of the Solo grin! This picture alone is almost worth him going dark side. ALMOST.
[illustration by Chris Trevas]

The final battle between Jacen Caedus & Jaina. You know, the one where lots of ppl were like, "why is this happening isn't star wars about redemption and family and stuff why did--" and then he calls out to Tenel Ka at the end and Jacen was there/back and still died. That one.
[illustration by Joe Corroney / coloring by Brian Miller]



These are sketch cards from the different Star Wars Galaxy series. All of the cards here have been put in this gallery with the artist's permission so please don't steal them and not credit the artist! Many, many thanks to Shea and Dylan P. for the scans!

Cards by Shea Standefer



The Destiny's Way cover gave us the first glimpse of Jacen Solo's sudden pelvic thrust lightsaber pose. Thanks to my twin, Linh for this gorgeously amusing scan.
[Illustration by Cliff Nielsen]

Even in other countries, on the Japanese cover of Destiny's Way, with his PARENTS and ADMIRAL ACKBAR around, no less!
[Illustration by Tsuyoshi Nagano]

In The New Essential Chronology, Jacen shows us that he can even look crotchtastic while fighting voxyn. Really though, this image is absolutely amazing. To see all three Solo children together and kicking ass is the way we all like it!
[Illustration by Tommy Lee Edwards]



There are a few times where Jacen gets ripped off and he just gets a silhouette or a shot of his back in certain images. Here are five of those instances.

Tiny Jacen's back in an image of the Jedi Academy vs. Exar Kun's Sithly Pissed Off Spirit! This is from The Essential Guide to the Force. He's a wee child here and even though we don't see the front of him I'm over here banging on pots and pans in excitement because KIRANA TI IS THERE, Y'ALL. I love her.
[Illustration by Chris Trevas]

The hardcover of Balance Point. Granted he does get a picture on the back of the book, he still gets this measly silhouette on the front. Some say that it's Anakin on the back, but I've always gone w/ Jacen because Anakin is on the back of Star by Star & Jaina is on the back of Destiny's Way. Each Solo kid is on the back of the book w/ their own big events (i.e. Jacen has a big event in this book when he starts using the Force again).

This is the Japanese cover of one of the parts of Star By Star (there are two parts to it in Japan). All the people in the bottom get silhouettes but come on we still deserve Jacen's hottness. And y'all, Alema is in heels fighting a voxyn. XD
[Illustration by Tsuyoshi Nagano]

This is the cover of Force Heretic: Reunion, when Jacen is rescuing Danni Quee (from this trilogy, not the Vector Prime rescue) from some plants. Really, I don't remember what happened in this one besides the kidnapping since it's on the cover, it was so long ago.
[Illustration by Jon Foster]

The final cover of the series, here's Legacy of the Force: Invincible. Caedus vs. Jaina! Caedus' back! Jaina looking angry and in some position that looks impossible to get into unless you're a Jedi! This means Jacen/Caedus got two and a half covers in the Legacy series! It's a record!
[Illustration by Jason Felix]


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