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Welcome to Sylvan, a site to half of the Solo twin set from the Star Wars: Expanded Universe (or Star Wars: Legends, as it's now called). I created this site mess about Jacen Solo because he is a very interesting (and adorable and "funny" lol) character. From his lame jokes in the Young Jedi Knight series to his unbearable torture in the New Jedi Order and finally to his reign as Darth Caedus, Jacen has always kept a certain attitude about him and has shown an incredible amount of strength. He's a deep, thoughtful character, but he's also a total dork, which is why I made this thing. He's also sort of a precursor to Kylo Ren and as of now actually had reasons for going to the dark side besides but omg snoke, hehe. We'll see come December how that's going. He has to have another reason besides dark sied snorkel RIGHT? I'm very curious to see how it all plays out!



Version 14: This layout was made to celebrate the 15th(!!!!) annniversary of the site! It's sort of a callback to one of the past layouts (version 8, IIRC), which can be seen in the past layouts section. Since I used to have a warning here about people stealing graphics and taking credit for them, let me put this here: Hopefully the issue of tools stealing the graphics from the site and calling them their own will stop in this day in age. (I'm looking at you part of the Expanded Universe MySpace RP Community. I never forget.) ANYWAYS, the site/graphics were made with Brackets & Photoshop CC and the brushes used are from here!

NOTE: This is site is full of SPOILERS!


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December 11, 2017

The Last Jedi is on the horizon and we may be getting some sort of answers to stuff (but maybe not)! On the site front though, 2 new images have been added to the gallery!

July 20, 2017

Hey, remember when I made the last new layout to celebrate 10 years of this site being online? Well here's one (and a site rename/revamp) for the 15th anniversary of this site being online! 15 years on May 24th! ;) There are new costume photos, new sections, new fanart -- new lots of things! Check it all out and welcome to the site! (Or welcome back for you amazing people who had visited Viridity before! ♥)

August 27, 2012

New layout to celebrate ten years of being online! Check out the new costume photos, fanart, sketchcards in the gallery and all the other new stuff sprinkled around the site!

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